Twenty years after the first generation of 2001, the new Piaggio Beverly is renewed without losing the sporty determination and elegant design that have written the history of urban mobility. Today, Beverly becomes a crossover that combines the versatility and grip of a tall half wheel with the the performance and comfort of a luxury GT . A new formula, available in 300cc and 400cc , which offers every rider and passenger at the highest levels of power and comfort.


Piaggio Medley creates a new class of high wheel scooter from Piaggio that combines the advantages of an agile and light scooter with those of a high wheel of superior size and performance.

Practicality first

Agile, practical and dynamic and at the same time comfortable and roomy: Piaggio Medley is a mix of lightness and functionality ideal for traveling around the city every day. The new saddle has a sleeker design and optimized ergonomics for rider and passenger, which also benefits from new retractable footpegs that are easier to extract and are equipped with a rubber insert that has the dual function of dampening vibrations and limiting the slipping of the foot. The saddle is equipped with an electric opening, controlled by a convenient button on the handlebar.

Piaggio 1, 0 emissions

The quality, safety and grit typical of Piaggio scooters take a new shape in a model with an electric motor. A concentrate of technology to experience the city with enthusiasm and without emissions: 55 km of autonomy in ECO mode, speed up to 45 km / h, 1.4 kWh removable battery and a myriad of details and functions that make the experience of equally revolutionary driving.

Innovative also in comfort

Piaggio 1 is the only e-scooter in its class to offer one significant load capacity , with a compartment under the saddle capable of accommodating a Full Jet helmet. Great attention has also been paid to ergonomics with the saddle-footrest-handlebar triangle that traces the proportions of the traditional scooters of the Piaggio range. These measures result in a comfortable driving position, thanks also to the flat and spacious platform , while the passenger benefits from practical and sturdy removable footrests. There is also a practical bag hook and a USB socket in the back shield, with waterproof rubber cover.